Identifying what to leave and what not to leave

When a family purchases a home it is natural for them to put their personal stamp on it by slowly adding their own “touches” of design which is comprised of their furniture, rugs,
window coverings along with the artifacts that make their home enjoyable for
them. It is so easy to acquire things that remind us of good memories created
on a trip, or objects that we value as antiques from grandma’s attic. Then
various fabrics are added for window coverings, or table runners, or area rugs.

Since it is the owner’s home, it naturally reflects the owner’s personality,
interests, and outlook on life. It takes a design visionary to pull all of
these elements together. Homeowners have been taught to use and display what
they love. Of course they want to keep comfort and function in mind. However,
they are generally not design visionaries so the rooms often appear to be
thrown together.

A good home stager like Paula Hobbs will be able to identify what should be left in the home to show with the home, and what should be removed from the home.