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"About me as an Austin TX Texas Home Staging expert"


Do you want to sell your house quicker and make the home moRe appealing to potential customers ?

If you want the area's best, but affordable, home staging services you should think of using local Austin TX Home Stager Paula Hobbs's Pop-Decor Austin TX Home Staging services. Paula will give you affordable and comprehensive home staging services that will make your house look appealing to potential buyers. Home staging is important in Austin Texas because the real estate market here is very competitive. You will have to make that house that you want to sell attractive to those seeking to buy it to make them interested in buying it because there are probably many other houses that are on sale too so you have to make your house distinct and standout from the rest. Paula does vacant accessory home staging which includes decorating items, accessories, artwork to accent the home’s features for the living room, kitchen, master bathroom, secondary bathrooms, dining room, powder room and a console table with lamp for setting up brochures in the living room or entry.  Take a look at her Home Staging Pictures page to see examples.

Home Stager of Austin TX Texas

A visit to your home prior to staging it will be done to assess the style and color of staging accessory's to be used in the home.  The rates below are for 60 days.  The monthly staging rate after 60 days is $125 per month. The vacant accessory home staging Austin Texas rates are: $ 400.00 for 2500 square foot and under, $ 475.00 for 2500 to 400 square feet, $ 550.00 for 4000 to 6000 square feet.